About jaNICE

My name is Janice Baldwin.  I started a home based jewelry business in August 2006. I’ve loved fashion jewelry watches for a long time and soon started collecting them.  I started wearing them with various outfits to make a fashion statement! I remember looking for a watch for my sister Patti while in Chicago on a business trip and ended up with a case of 25 Watches! I then asked my son, Cole and Niece, Satrina what they thought about the watches as far as selling them.  They both loved the idea and the watches and thought they would sell well! Watches were becoming a fashion trend with outfits.  A short time passed and the watches were selling like crazy!

A vision was then given to me from God and I shared it with my husband and son. We started to pray about it! I was asked a question “When are you going to start selling the jewelry sets you wear?” I then took action and started selling jewelry sets and my business started growing! We knew God was blessing us!  The more I heard God’s voice the more I saw the vision! We have truly been blessed with this opportunity and we are following where He Orders our Steps! I will continue to ask GOD to bless every one of my customers and my family who are huge supporters of my business! My sister Patti booked my first jewelry show/party in February 2007.  It was such a success that Cole and I implemented booking jewelry shows/parties into the business. Everyone loves that the jewelry I sell is very different, unique and classy!

We opened our storefront in June 2017! Without you there would be no WatchLadyJB Trendy Fashion Jewelry!

To God Be The Glory!